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AutoBar / Re: Hearth items missing
« on: September 08, 2021, 05:14:37 PM »
I had this issue after updating to, the Toy Heathstones were missing the majority of the time, and a /reload did not always get them to appear.

Reverting to (*) the Toy Hearthstones do work as before, indicating that some change in has caused this issue.

Will stick with for now, but will see if some of the datafiles from can be dropped in, or otherwise if I can edit the datafiles to include some missing items.

(*) Reverting to after updating to will cause an error on login. Reverting to a backup save file from before the update fixes the error; if you do not have an earlier backup you may need to delete the save file and redo your layout.

AutoBar / Re: Jerky framerate in Torghast with Empowerment button
« on: July 18, 2021, 11:50:19 AM »
Setting the "Throttle Event Limit" to 0.5 did help a lot, although the framerate was still slightly choppy while the Empowerment button was active. (More so than completely disabling Autobar.)

I did take a look at the Throttle Event log. Events were a mixture of BAG_UPDATE_COOLDOWN, SPELL_UPDATE_COOLDOWN, UNIT_AURA, SPELLS_CHANGED, and a very few TOYS_UPDATED. However I couldn't see much difference between the ones while the button was active and the ones from normal comabt. Perhaps it is just the sheer volume of all the events?

AutoBar / Jerky framerate in Torghast with Empowerment button
« on: July 11, 2021, 11:49:55 AM »
In Torghast, when the Empowerment button appears, the framerate starts to stutter - several mini-freezes per second.

This only occurs while the button itself is active, and goes away as soon as you activate Empowerment.

Moving the button to your actionbar does not help.

This does not occur if I disable Autobar.

My guess is the game spams an event while the button is active, causing Autobar to do more than the usual amount of processing.

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