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AutoBar / AutoBar BCC Release
« on: June 23, 2021, 01:41:07 PM »
In case you missed it, you can get it here:

AutoBar / AutoBar Classic - Report Missing Class Abilities & Items Here
« on: September 01, 2019, 07:18:06 PM »
If you see any Class abilities or Items missing from the Class bar, please report them here.  The more information you provide, the faster and easier I can get it added and released.

Example of a bad report:
"All of my Warrior stuff doesn't work. You suck!" (Mean and unhelpful)

Example of an unhelpful report:
"The Warrior stances are missing" (Tell me which ones!)

Example of a good report:
"Berserker Stance is missing from the Warrior's Stance button"

Example of an even better report:
"Berserker Stance (spell id: 2458) is missing from the Warrior's Stance button. Your addons fill my soul with joy."

As I address things, I will delete posts that are no longer relevant so don't be surprised if your posts disappear.

AchieveIt / Achieve It To Do List
« on: November 29, 2018, 11:31:26 PM »
This is a list of features that I would like to add and changes I'd like to make.  None of these features are guaranteed and they are listed in no particular order. This is just to give an idea of what's coming.
  • Option to disable dragging on the Achievement frame
  • Option to show Completion status on Achievement Categories
  • Option to show incomplete Achievements when interacting with things (selecting a boss? entering an instance?)

AchieveIt / Achieve It Change Log
« on: November 29, 2018, 11:27:02 PM »
v8.1.0.00 (on Patreon):
  • Added Achievements for Patch 8.1
v8.0.0.06 (on Curseforge & WoWInterface):
  • Added Expansion Features
  • Added Dungeons & Raids: Classic
  • Added Dungeons & Raids: Burning Crusade
  • Added Dungeons & Raids: Wrath of the Lich King
  • Added Dungeons & Raids: Cataclysm
  • Added Dungeons & Raids: Mist of Pandaria
  • Added Dungeons & Raids: Warlords of Draenor
  • Added Dungeons & Raids: Legion
  • Added Dungeons & Raids: Battle for Azeroth
  • Added Day of the Dead subcategory to World Events
  • Locale: Using WoW-provided strings to improve Archaeology and Instance names

 - Improved interactions between multiple What's New dialogs
 - Fixed error on load
 - Added Professions: Archaeology
 - Added Pet Battles category
 - Added Guild Rewards category

 - Added Rewards top-level category
 - Added Professions: Cooking
 - Added Professions: Fishing

 - Added Exploration: Pandaria
 - Added Exploration: Legion
 - Added Exploration: Draenor
 - Added Exploration: Battle for Azeroth

 - Added Quests: Legion
 - Added Quests: Battle For Azeroth
 - Updated internal libraries

 - Added Quests: Cataclysm
 - Added Quests: Draenor
 - Added Quests: Pandaria

 - Battle For Azeroth fixes
 - BfA changed a LOT of achievement stuff, so a lot of data is missing right now

AchieveIt / Achieve It is now available on both Curse and WoWInterface
« on: November 18, 2018, 03:48:32 PM »

MuffinFactionizer / MuffinFactionizer To Do List
« on: November 09, 2018, 06:28:39 PM »
This is a list of features that I would like to add and changes I'd like to make.  None of these features are guaranteed and they are listed in no particular order. This is just to give an idea of what's coming.  My intention is that all features will be able to be disabled so you only use the bits you want to use.

  • Finish adding Draenor Factions
  • Add Legion Factions
  • Re-review older Faction data since a lot has changed
  • Use WoW API to get mob names for improved localization
  • Review locales to remove unused entries and and all used entries to the non-English files so it's easier for translators
  • Add a list of Notable rewards from each Faction (mounts, pets, etc) that you don't already have.
  • Add rep gain on Quest dialogs (when you're accepting a quest)
  • Add more auto-turn ins for Rep items
  • Add Rep values to mob tooltips
  • Show location of Faction's Quartermaster
  • Tom Tom support for finding Quartermasters
  • Tom Tom support for finding Dailies
  • Show Rep rewards in WQ tooltips
  • More sorting options for Faction list in Reputation dialog
  • More fixes for Taint issues
  • Lots of internal clean up

MuffinFactionizer / MuffinFactionizer Change Log
« on: October 11, 2018, 11:22:51 PM »
v8.0.0.05: Released on Patreon
  • More cleanup (fewer globals making a mess)
  • Fixes to better handle being in combat when you receive rep
  • Fixed annoying bug that first-time users would see
  • Rep data improvements: Klaxxi, Operation Shieldwall, Ironforge
  • Toasts now show Faction icons
  • In Sort by Standing mode headers are less likely to cut long text off
  • More tooltips show Missing Rep
  • Improved code so system tainting is less likely (still more to do)
  • Completely re-written Repution Details dialog. Bigger fonts, much more readable design
  • Fixed some textures
  • Fixed some typos in the English locale

v8.0.0.04: Released on Curse
  • Fixed an issue where it would report that it was switching the Rep Watch bar multiple times
  • When hovering over Rep Currency (Mission Rewards), the amount of rep missing is shown
  • Added Rep status and missing rep to Emissary tooltips on the World Map
  • Added data for Tortollan Seekers
  • Fewer Quest names in the Rep window will show numbers instead of names (Thanks Xrystal!)
  • Updated Chinese locale (Thanks Tartaruz!)

  • Fixed detection of completed Emissary quests
  • Added support for Legion Emissary quests
  • If in Combat, defer any changes to the Watched faction until it's over
  • When gaining rep, show Current and Next standing (Honored -> Revered)

  • More and better data
  • Removed references to First Aid
  • When hovering over Reputation Mission Rewards, your current status is shown in the tooltip
  • Added a Toast when you earn an Emissary reward
  • When gaining Azerite Power, prints current level and how much you need for the next
  • Minor performance improvement
  • Improved interactions between multiple What`s New dialogs

  • More and better data
  • Removed reference to non-existant esMX locale file
  • Fixed issue with switching Rep bar in combat
  • Fixed Keybind error

  • Fixes for Battle for Azeroth

  • Minor performance improvements
  • Updated Frostwolf Orcs
  • Added list Standings to slash command help text
  • Added Legion Insignias
  • When hovering over a Rep item, it shows your current standing with the Faction(s)

  • Lots of cleanup
  • Lots of performance improvements
  • Can Auto-Turn In Reputation Item quests (Steamwheedle Preservation society, for now)
  • Fixed issues with slash command handling
  • Now use /mfac as the main slash command (/mfz still works though)
  • Fixed bug with Rep bar not switching
  • Fixed bug when Switch Bar was enabled, but the Rep bar wasn't showing
  • Added Factions
  • Arakkoa Outcasts
  • Council of Exarchs
  • Frostwolf Orcs

  • Lots of cleanup
  • Lots of performance improvements
  • When earning a Paragon award, or when logging in with one available, a Toast appears
  • On Rep bars, "Missing" numbers are broken up for easier reading
  • When entering Withered Army Training, weird Rep gains/losses were reported
  • Fixed rep data for Shattered Sun Offensive
  • What's new dialog is movable, Okay button is bigger, and it gained a mascot.

  • Lots of cleanup
  • Fixed rep data for Honor Hold, Kurenai, Thrallmar, Tranquillien, and Mag'har
  • Fixed rep data for Steamwheedle Cartel
  • Turn-in item names are shown more clearly in the Detail window
  • Switch Rep to last earned now works with Paragon reps
  • Show Missing and Show Paragon are now completely separate options
  • Fixed rollover text on Rep bars in Reputation window
  • When Sorting by Standing, maxed out Friendships are sorted as Exalted
  • Some performance improvements
  • When Sorting by Standing, headers are no longer cut off

  • Lots of cleanup
  • Fixed error in Inactive factions
  • Show as Experience Bar checkbox updates properly
  • Reputation Loss is shown as a different colour than Reputation Gain
  • Fixed bug when first reaching Exalted with a faction
  • Fixed Blizzard's Paragon icon not being shown

  • Reputation data fixes
  • Caching code to speed things up and make them more correct
  • New Option: Show Paragon Rep. Replaces Exalted text with missing rep until Paragon reward
  • Added this spiffy What's New dialog

  • Lots of code cleanup
  • Fixed: When gaining Rep for a Paragon faction, you will now get a chat message. Previously nothing was printed for Paragon gains.

  • Fixed issue with ReputationWatchBar_Update

  • Initial release

AutoBar / Patreon Launched!
« on: August 05, 2018, 06:58:38 PM »
To help fund continued development and support of these addons, I have launched a Patreon.  If you find these addons helpful, please consider adding your support.

AutoBar / Beta released (v7.9.9.03)
« on: July 23, 2018, 08:53:02 AM »
On Curse you will see a new version of AutoBar:  This is a Beta version.  If you're not comfortable running dodgy code, I suggest you wait until a proper release is ready.

If you are brave enough to take it on, please try it out and report your experiences in this thread.

AutoBar / The Toy Box button
« on: October 27, 2016, 01:02:34 PM »
The new Toy Box button seems to be working well for people so far.  The list of toys is pretty big, so I've added (though not released yet) a "Show Only Favourites" option.  I've been thinking a lot about other options to add, but I don't think it makes much sense to add them.

Most Toys will be accessible through the various themed buttons; Innkeeper's Daughter will be on the Hearth button so you don't need fine control to include it on the general Toy Box button.  I now have it working so I can add Toys to the various buttons and the Hearth stuff is working. I will release this soon.

Other than the Hearth toys, are there any other important categories of Toys that are missing from the existing AutoBar buttons?

AutoBar / Errors in 7.1
« on: October 25, 2016, 10:11:48 AM »
A little while ago, Blizzard put out a forum post listing the addon API changes that they were making in the 7.1 patch.  I reviewed it and there was nothing there that affected AutoBar.

Well, I just tested AutoBar in the PTR, and it seems that Blizzard left out some things. So when you log in there will be errors. If you dismiss them, things should mostly work. I will get an updated version out as soon as I can.

Thanks Blizzard!

AutoBar / Looking for Feedback: Collapse Buttons setting
« on: September 13, 2016, 02:49:04 PM »
The "Collapse Buttons" setting doesn't seem to actually do anything.  Does anyone use it? If so, can you explain what benefit you get from it?

If not, I'm removing it.

AutoBar / AutoBar documentation
« on: August 21, 2016, 06:07:12 PM »

It's not pretty, but I wanted to quickly get up a page with Known Issues and a brief FAQ. There will be more coming.

AutoBar / [FAQ] How to add a Toy to a Button
« on: August 11, 2016, 11:46:49 AM »
Currently Toys cannot be added to AutoBar. Until I get that fixed, here is a workaround:

The best way to add 1 or more Toys to something like the Hearth button is:
1) On the Categories Tab, Hit New. Select "Items" in the list.
2) Click "New Macro". Rename the new macro if you like.
3) In the edit box add this text substituting your toy for this one: /use The Innkeeper's Daughter
4) Hit accept.
5) On the buttons tab, Create a Custom Button (Buttons->New)
6) Select it in the list (it will be named Custom# where # is a number). Rename the button if you like.
7) Select Categories. Hearth will be there by default. If you're making a new Hearth replacement leave it there.
8) Hit "new". Select your custom category in the dropdown.
9) Select your custom button. Change the Bar Location to whichever bar you like.
10) Hide your original Hearth button.

You can add as many custom macros to that category as you want.

AutoBar / Release: v7.0.3.00 of AutoBar
« on: August 11, 2016, 03:08:28 AM »
It'll take a little while to appear on Curse and WoWInterface. Here is the changelog:
  • Removed the Coilfang/Tempest Keep/Blade's Edge-specific categories and code.
  • Performance improvements
  • Added a per-button Max Popup Height gui control
  • Commented out PopUpOnShift references since it doesn't work
  • Updated MuffinLibPT
  • Added Battle Pet Items button to Extras bar
  • Added Interrupt button to Class Bar
  • Reviewed Class Bars: Rogue, Paladin, Hunter, Warlock
  • Monk: Zen Pilgrimage:Return is now on your Hearth. The tooltip may be wrong, but it will work.
  • The "Charge" button is now a normal button instead of a macro button. Simpler, better.
  • "Muffin.Potion.Health" category now shows up in the list
  • Demon Hunter Support
  • Added Keybinds for Garrison and Sun Song Ranch
  • Fixed Mounts for Legion
  • Qiraji Mounts are now filtered out by default
  • Mounts load much quicker now
  • Fixed Item buttons for Legion
  • TOC bump for 7.0
  • Updated Ace3-GUI
  • Bars should no longer flash while in a vehicle
  • Custom Macro buttons should now have a meaningful icon

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