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AutoBar / Re: Jerky framerate in Torghast with Empowerment button
« Last post by Bernard Langham on July 23, 2021, 12:49:42 PM »
i'm not seeing an option to Throttle Event Limit anywhere. checked Autobar options, AdvancedInterfaceOptions CVars, etc. google doesn't help either. how do I set this?
EDIT: found it in the main config dialog. i was looking in the Interface/Autobar settings for some reason.
AutoBar / Re: Jerky framerate in Torghast with Empowerment button
« Last post by MuffinManKen on July 19, 2021, 04:07:50 AM »
Yeah, it would be the volume of events.  The UPDATE_COOLDOWN events should be very fast, so are unlikely to be part of the problem.  TOYS_UPDATED should be almost instant unless you've actually got a new Toy, which doesn't seem a likely thing to be happening regularly.

You can disable SPELLS_CHANGED entirely by unclicking the Allow SPELLS_CHANGED option and see if that helps.

I'm not sure what this "Empowerment" thingy is, but I'll try logging in and see if I can do some testing with it.
AutoBar / tbcc, mage, Molten Armor
« Last post by miller2sav on July 18, 2021, 12:58:41 PM »
hey , i just learned a new spell, called Molten Armor (spell id is 30482) . on the mage bar its not showing up under the shields category. its like mage armor, ice armor, frost armor.... now they have Molten Armor
AutoBar / Re: Jerky framerate in Torghast with Empowerment button
« Last post by brykrys on July 18, 2021, 11:50:19 AM »
Setting the "Throttle Event Limit" to 0.5 did help a lot, although the framerate was still slightly choppy while the Empowerment button was active. (More so than completely disabling Autobar.)

I did take a look at the Throttle Event log. Events were a mixture of BAG_UPDATE_COOLDOWN, SPELL_UPDATE_COOLDOWN, UNIT_AURA, SPELLS_CHANGED, and a very few TOYS_UPDATED. However I couldn't see much difference between the ones while the button was active and the ones from normal comabt. Perhaps it is just the sheer volume of all the events?
AutoBar / Shard of Annhylde's Aegis is missing
« Last post by styx616 on July 16, 2021, 03:34:41 AM »
I noticed that the trinket from the new raid is missing in the library.

Its item id is 186424.

I added it to the usable trinkets table and autobar detected it correctly afterwards.
AutoBar / Shadowlands missing items
« Last post by Waste on July 15, 2021, 03:22:08 PM »

Maybe I am just missing what category they could be under, but, I cant seem to find Auto-hammer, Drums of Deathly Ferocity, Potion of Hidden Spirit, Potion of the psychopomps speed, Veilted Augment Rune, Shadowcore oil, Embalmers oil. and Consentration Aura doesnt show up for me either. 

Sorry I am bad at finding the number code for these items.

Thanks for all you do, your time, and genius! :)

AutoBar / Re: [TBCC] Warlock Healthstone Category...
« Last post by MuffinManKen on July 14, 2021, 10:57:22 PM »
I'm glad this has been sorted out.  I'll removed the out of date "Healthstone" category so other people don't get tripped up by it in a future release.
AutoBar / Re: [TBCC] Warlock Healthstone Category...
« Last post by illutian on July 14, 2021, 09:10:06 PM »
[1] = Muffin.Stones.Health

Okay, I changed it to the above and now it 'sees' the stones. I guess "Master Healthstone" isn't registered to the 'Healthstone' category.
AutoBar / Re: [TBCC] Warlock Healthstone Category...
« Last post by MuffinManKen on July 12, 2021, 04:46:22 PM »
I am assuming that you have that button set to Always Show and when an Always Show button has no items, it shows a default icon.  For Healthstones, that default icon is a Healthstone. That's why it'd dimmed and has no tooltip. So that's 1 part of the mystery.

The other part is why it thinks you have no relevant items, and I'm a bit puzzled by that.

Can you create a macro and past this text into it:
/dump LibStub("LibPeriodicTable-3.1"):ItemSearch(({GameTooltip:GetItem()})[2])

Then drag that macro on to your normal action bar.  Open your bag and hover over the healthstone and hit the hotkey for the macro.  It should print out some stuff that might be helpful.
AutoBar / Re: New portal macro not working (TBC)
« Last post by MuffinManKen on July 12, 2021, 04:39:24 PM »
Are you using some method to sync your settings between your desktop and laptop?  Your addon settings are stored on your hard drive, so you would need to copy them over somehow.
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