Author Topic: Categories - september update (AutoBar_8.3.0.03.)  (Read 113 times)

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Categories - september update (AutoBar_8.3.0.03.)
« on: October 01, 2020, 06:50:45 AM »
Hi there,

I discovered this really great addon only a few days ago in the course of cleaning up my ui.

First, thank you for making such a great addon that is for sure helpful to so many who want to keep their ui clean and organized.

Well, when I found this addon, I installed the at that time current version (april 2020, AutoBar_8.3.0.02.)

It took me quite some time to get a bit familiar with how the addon works and what can be done with it.

After several hours of setting up everything to my special needs and greeds, including bypassing some things like pets, toys and some professions with a ton of macros and new categories, I was really happy with how it looked like.

Aaaaand, yesterday, there was that update, and I thought oh cool!  8)

Though, when loggin in, all looked a bit strange and when opening the autobar options menu, I saw that the categories tab was empty and no new ones could be created.
Well, I thought, updates can cause issues until further testing, so I will revert back to the "old" april version. I did.

Logging back, I was kind of shocked: all categories, all macros, all buttons, all I ever created and set up in autobar - gone! :o

Well, it might be my fault of not having made a backup before updating. And I can imagine that elaborating updates and keeping running such a complex addon is more than hard work.
So, I am abolutely relaxed and looking forward to a future update that will fix those issues.

The question I have is:
If I keep now using the april version, if I set it up all from scratch again (that's what I have to do as I had to delete the saved variables):
Will I be able to backup and keep those settings for future versions? Or are the changes that are made to the addon in a way that makes the use of "old" saved.vars. impossible?
Or should I just wait for a fix and set it up then again?

Either way, thanks in advance for having a look and possibly fixing what's broken  :)
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Re: Categories - september update (AutoBar_8.3.0.03.)
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2020, 02:43:13 AM »
It is a good idea to back up your settings, but this is definitely my fault. Sorry!

As part of a larger re-work, I moved where the custom categories were stored in the .03. All of the data is exactly the same, just in a different place.  .03 also had a bug that affected the display of custom categories. Again, the data was there, you just couldn't see it.

So, going from .02 to a newer version will work fine as far as maintaining your data.

I had intended to wait until Shadowlands to release a new version, but since they've delayed the release I think I'll need to get a new AutoBar out sooner than that.

Alexandra Olah

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Re: Categories - september update (AutoBar_8.3.0.03.)
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2020, 05:27:54 AM »
Thanks for your quick heads up.

I mean, well, at least we have now a release date for the pre-patch. Not sure how far the 02. version works for it. Havent tested it on ptr so far.

But it would be great if we had a version that works - more or less - when the pre-patch launches.

And until there, it's only two weeks from now anyways, I'll be happy with the "old" version. I've set it up again and will save the settings when I'm done.

However, take your time (just as Blizz does  ;D) and don't work too much!

Have a great day! :)