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AutoBar is a Multi-bar mod that automatically adds potions, water, food, quest and other items you specify into buttons for easy use.


You can reach the settings dialog for AutoBar in a few different ways:


The addon title is here, along with the version number. Please provide this version number with any bug reports you make.

  • Move the Bars - This turns the bars green and makes them draggable. The name of the bar is also shown over the buttons. When you've placed them where you want them, click this button to set them back to their normal state.
  • Move the Buttons - This lets you move the buttons to change their order or move them to a different bar. While in "move mode" the button name (or as much of it as will fit) is shown over the button
  • Key Bindings - Click this to set Key Bindings for the buttons. When in this mode, hover the mouse pointer over a button and hit a key combination. You can also set them from WoW's Key Binding interface, but I find this quicker and easier. You can choose to have the key binds be character-specific or account-wide.
  • Clamp Bars to Screen - This makes it impossible to move the bars off-screen. If you change it, you will need to reload the UI before it takes effect.
  • Show Minimap Icon - Toggles whether the Minimap icon is displayed.
  • Show Empty Buttons - If set, all Enabled buttons will be shown even if they have no items or spells available.
  • Show Count Text - Shows the number of charges for a spell, or how many of an item you have.
  • Show Hotkey Text - Enables the showing the assigned Keybind on the button.
  • Show Tooltips - Enables tooltips for the spells and items in the buttons.
  • Show Tooltips in Combat - Should tooltips be shown while in combat?
  • RightClick SelfCast - For buttons that do not have their own built-in Right Click option, this will make Right Clicking the button auto target you.

Fade Out

  • Fade Out - Sets whether all bars should Fade Out by default.
  • Fade Out Cancels in Combat - If set, the bars will not Fade Out when you are in combat.
  • Fade Out Cancels on Alt - Cancels the fade when you press the 'Alt' key
  • Fade Out Cancels on Ctrl - Cancels the fade when you press the 'Ctrl' key
  • Fade Out Cancels on Shift - Cancels the fade when you press the 'Shift' key
  • FadeOut Time - This sets how quickly the bars fade, in seconds.
  • FadeOut Delay - The number of seconds to wait before starting to Fade after the mouse is no longer over the bar.
  • FadeOut Alpha - This is the transparency level that the bar will reach. 0 is completely transparent, 1 is completely opaque.

Advanced/Debug: You probably shouldn't mess with this

  • Log Performance - This will track how long it takes AutoBar to process each game event. If it takes too long, a message will be printed to the chat window.
  • Log Events - This will log every message that AutoBar processes to the chat window. It prints a LOT of stuff.
  • Log Memory - If checked, the amount of memory that AutoBar is using will be printed to the chat window after every event. Note: This includes the memory used by any shared libraries if AutoBar was the first to load them (Ace, LibPeriodicTable, etc).
  • Allow SPELLS_CHANGED - For some classes/specializations, a SPELLS_CHANGED event is sent out by the game at a very high rate. If you are having performance issues you can try disabling this. Since this causes AutoBar to update less frequently there may be side-effects. Use at your own risk.
  • Log Throttled Events - If events are throttled (ignored because they happen too fast), this will print a message to the chat window.
  • Throttle Event Limit - If events happen more frequently than this setting (in seconds), excess events will be ignored. There may be side-effects. Use at your own risk.
  • New - This creates a new custom Category that can then be added to a Button.
  • Reset - This will permanently delete ALL of your custom categories. Use with caution.

If 1 or more Categories exist, then the following UI will be available when selecting a Category:

  • Name - The name that will be used to identify this category. You'll need this name to add the Category to a Button.

Button docs go here


Bar docs go here


There are no settings here, just a list of wonderful people who helped make this addon possible. Send them some positive vibes.


Information on how the various built in buttons and categories are defined.

Slash Commands

All slash commands should be preceded by either /autobar or /atb. /autobar on its own will print out usage information. Theoretically, anything you can do from the GUI can also be done from the commandline, though it is less convenient. Here are some of the more common commands:


Step-by-step instructions on how to perform common tasks.

Known Issues

These are all of the issues known at this time. If you know of any others, please post them on the forum after checking the FAQ below.


Here are answers to some questions that come up often.

I don't see any Mounts (or as many as I expect) on the Mount button.

Check the configuration of the Mount button. There are 4 checkboxes that control what is shown: Show Class, Show Favourites, Show Non-Favourites, Show Qiraji.

When logging in I see "Warnings/Errors occurred in AutoBar" followed by a long list of invalid spell IDs in the chat panel.

This is a sign that Blizzard changed some spell IDs so the ones AutoBar expected are no longer there. Please report this on the forum.

There are items missing from the buttons

New items are added pretty frequently. I do my best to stay on top of it, but I'm bound to miss some. Please post on forum. Please include a WoWHead link to the missing item and the name of the button where you think it should be added.

How can I set the icon on a custom macro?

AutoBar does its best to parse the macros you give it to choose the proper icon, but if you need to specify it directly you can use "#showtooltip" or "#show" followed by the name of a spell or item to use as the icon.

The Ancient Dalaran Portal/Teleport is missing.

Please check the configuration of your Hearth button. There is a checkbox to "Include Ancient Dalaran".

Is there a way to make the Bars vertical?

Yup! Go into the Bars config, select the bar you're interested in on the left ("Basic", for example). Then scroll down through the options until you reach the General block. There you'll see settings for the Rows and Columns. Set the Columns to 1 and the Rows to whatever you want the height of the bar to be.

You'll likely want to change the Popup Direction setting in the same area too.